Episode 051 - M365 Conference Recap with Jason Rivera

May 22, 2023 Office Explorers

A lot of exciting things have happened this month, and it's not over yet! For our purposes, we here at Office Explorers were excited to see all the huge news coming out of the Microsoft 365 Conference held May 12-14 out in Las Vegas. This month, friend of the podcast Jason Rivera comes back to talk through his biggest takeaways from the conference.

Jason has a blog post that dives into some of the content we discuss on air, you can find that here:


He also, as you recall, has a book out that is a must-have for anyone working with Microsoft's Power Platform. Check it out: Building Solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform: Solving Everyday Problems in the Enterprise: Rivera, Jason: 9781098117542: Amazon.com: Books

Finally, we here at Office Explorers want to bid a fond farewell to co-host, co-producer, and just generally all-around heck of a good person Taylor, who has moved on from the MBG to explore her own new adventures. Thank you, Taylor, and may your scripts always run correctly the first time.

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