Episode 042: Modern Forms with Michele K

This month, Taylor and Rob offer up a nice PowerShell tip and a heads-up on a change coming to Microsoft Teams before diving into a great conversation with Michele K from the MBG on Modern Forms in M365. We get historical before bringing you back to the latest (and greatest, of course) in Forms tech to help you make the best choice for your users.

Also, as promised, here are the links mentioned in the episode:

Working with Cascading Lists in SharePoint and Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Enable Q&A in Meeting Options.docx - Microsoft Word Online (live.com)

Merill Fernando • 🇦🇺 • 🇱🇰 on Twitter: … Your entire PowerShell history at your fingertips!

Furthermore, as noted in the episode: Taylor and Rob are taking August off from the podcast and will be back in September with fresh content and all the M365 news & tips you rely on. In the interim, be sure to follow our Twitter account @OfficeExplorers for even more M365 items daily!

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