Your Future with Windows 10: Top 5 Upgrades To Look Forward To

January 18, 2019 Cara Stafford

We are in the home stretch of the journey toward Windows 10, and as businesses move toward a new workplace experience with Microsoft’s newest operating system, we wanted to highlight all the benefits and upgrades you’ll experience when the time comes.

Windows 10 has been out for over three years, but many businesses are still functioning within Windows 7. Some are experiencing hesitations around the change because they fear that Windows 10 will look and feel unfamiliar, will create difficult learning curves within their workplace, and they are concerned about security. However, many of these apprehensions can be eased with a little bit of education around the product and an understanding of its benefits and potential. 

  • Security
    Windows 10 makes is easier to keep your devices up-to-date. With features like Windows Defender Antivirus and the Windows Defender Security Center, you can automatically ensure ongoing protection without installing anything onto your devices. Windows Firewall has helped to reduce malware files from Windows 7, and Windows 10 also comes equipped with parental controls and a Find My Device feature to manage your device if lost or stolen. Overall, the security landscape between Windows 7 and 10 has improved in both functionality and practicality.
  • Familiarity + Customization
    One fear moving toward Windows 10 is that it presents a new look and feel that is different from Windows 7 and previous operating systems. Windows 10 does have a different look and feel than Windows 7, but it also provides a higher level of customization abilities. The Start menu is still there, but it can be customized to keep frequently-used apps at the forefront of your dashboard, delivering a unique experience for every user, while still maintaining the familiarity of past Windows operating systems. 
  • User Controls
    Not only is Windows 10 positioned to be customized to each working style and personality, but it also allows for greater self-service. The Action Center has pop-up notifications, updates and news to keep you engaged and up-to-date on tasks. In addition, Microsoft’s Cortana can respond to your voice or help with reminders across all your devices, making this newest Windows operating system the most comprehensive for life and work.
  • Consistent Updates
    Windows 10 is set up to run automatic updates, so that there is less maintenance work for users, and ensures that applications are up-to-date and running seamlessly. Updates run behind the scenes and upon start-ups, but with a faster start-up time than any other Windows system, the updates won’t negatively affect productivity.
  • Elevated Modern Features
    On top of all the benefits of Windows 10 are a myriad of other upgrades. The newest version of Microsoft Edge offers improved compatibility and speed and switching between multiple virtual desktops is easy with the “task-switching” icon. Gamers can integrate the Xbox app in Windows 10, and the toolkit of all Office products make for a more cohesive experience and balance between personal and work time, allowing for greater productivity and a more enjoyable Windows experience.  

If your organization is facing the end of life for Windows 7, the transition is best made and more optimized with expert guidance. Check out New Signature’s Windows 10 timeline infographic for transitioning, and reach out to an expert for more information.  

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