What’s New in Azure: Updates to Azure Log Analytics

February 19, 2019 Cara Stafford

Inspiration for updates and enhancements to Azure come from many places, including from user experiences. Many users leverage the Azure feedback tool, where they can leave comments, concerns and suggestions regarding Azure tools.

One topic to receive a lot of attention over the past quarter is Azure Log Analytics changes. To meet the suggestions of users and improve the tool, Microsoft rolled out a host of upgrades for the feature at the start of the new year.

Some of the most notable enhancements are:

  • New Geographic Availability:
    Azure Log Analytics is a part of Azure Monitor Service and is used to collect telemetry data from a variety of sources. Now Azure Log Analytics is available in the West US 2 region so that all data in that area can be processed and retained.
  • New Filters and Titles:
    Microsoft has improved the navigation process of Azure Log Analytics by allowing for more granular organization of your results and charts. Now users can select filters to apply to search results and add titles to charts so that they can be accessed easily and pinned to dashboards.
  • Query Improvements
    In past versions, if a user refreshed the page, they would lose all the information for their queries. Now, Log Analytics saves all your query and search history to easily pick up where you left off. In addition, there is a new table preview icon that helps you view a preview of a table before completing a query.

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