What’s New in Azure: Our Top Updates From Inspire

August 7, 2020 New Signature

In July, Microsoft hosted its annual Inspire Conference virtually for the first time. But even though the conference was not held in-person, it was still ripe with new announcements and information about the coming year. We asked our Senior Vice-President of Azure and DevOps, Esteban Garcia, to run down some of the Azure updates that he found most notable from the conference.

As part of our core values, it’s our goal to keep our clients and communities up-to-date with all the newest innovations and be there to help your organization navigate the ever-changing world of Azure.

Here are the top three announcements that Esteban pointed to as noteworthy:

    • Azure Stack HCI
      Azure Stack HCI is the newest and fastest way for businesses to integrate their data center to Azure with ease. This next generation of Azure Stack combines the price-performance of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with native Azure hybrid capabilities, all while letting enterprises leverage existing skills.


    • Azure Migrate Enhancements
      Also announced at Inspire were a series of enhancement to Azure Migrate, including the ability to import and create assessments using uploaded Configuration Management Database data and support for Azure VMware Solutions assessments. You can find instructions for how to run and review an Azure VMware assessment on the Microsoft blog.


    • ADF to PaaS Connection
      Customers now can secure the connection between Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) data stores in Azure with the preview of ADF’s Managed Virtual Network (VNet) Support.  Managed VNet provides an isolated, highly secure environment to run data-integration pipelines.  Azure Integration Runtime in the Managed VNet environment can privately connect to your Azure PaaS data store by using Azure Private Link. This simplifies the network architecture and limits exposure to the internet.


If you are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced nature of your cloud infrastructure, New Signature can help. Our NS:GO program encompasses everything you need—from consultation and deployment to support and management on your behalf. Connect with us to learn more.

About the Author
Esteban Garcia is New Signature’s Azure and DevOps Senior Vice-President, as well as a Microsoft MVP. Esteban is the found of Nebbia Technologies in Florida, which he then sold to New Signature, substantially adding to our DevOps practice. With more than 20 years of experience building enterprise software, Esteban has a passion for DevOps and Azure. He mentors, trains, and works closely with teams to help them realize their potential by leveraging Azure and DevOps practices to shorten the cycle time from idea to production. Esteban enjoys working with the software community and is a Microsoft Regional Director, Pluralsight author, and hosts Azure Community Live.

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