What’s New in Azure: Maintaining Security

August 30, 2019 Cara Heimbaugh

Continually updating Azure is more than just a task; it comes with actual business benefits that are necessary to optimize your operations and use of the cloud.  

By keeping up with all the new features that are consistently rolled out in Azure, your business can realize: 

  • Stronger Security 
  • Cost Savings 
  • Increased Productivity 

It’s important to use to keep our clients abreast on the daily news regarding Azure, and the value those updates can provide your business. The next three installments of the What’s New in Azure series will focus on the updates that keep your environment financial streamlined, secure and up-to-date to empower your users. This installment will focus on security.  

Over the past month, developers at Microsoft have rolled out a number of new security features within Azure that help to boost your security posture, including: 

  • Single-Click Remediation in Security Center
    Microsoft Secure Score works to identify any security misconfiguration that could translate into a threat to your data. Now, you’re able to address and correct any misconfigurations in bulk by applying the same remediation to multiple workloads at once, allowing your business to return to a higher secure score quicker.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) VM Access for Azure Fire Wall
    JIT-VM Access is now generally available. Business can use this feature to secure any Azure Firewall-protected environments, reducing exposure to potential network attacks by controlling access to VMs to only when needed, creating a stronger policy for access and identity. All actions are logged in Azure Activity Log so auditing is simpler and governance is stronger.   
  • Protection of 8TB Disk Sizes with Azure Site Recovery
    Now you can protect data disks up to 8TB in size with Azure Site Recovery, meaning that more sensitive data is protected if your system experiences an outage. This capability extends to all Azure VMs and on-premises machines that are replicating in Azure.  

Overwhelmed by the time and expertise required to manage Azure updates? Let us do it for you. Our Cloud Management for Azure service provides you with round-the-clock administration and monitoring to keep your Azure environment managed, optimized and protected.  

 Consult with an Azure expert today. 

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