Office 365 Quarterly Perspective: Mobilizing Your Workforce to Accomplish More from Anywhere

April 8, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

If your team members can’t be physically in the same office, or if you’re seeking a solution for your employees to be able to function remotely, in the field or remotely from various locations, it’s important to understand how that can be accomplished in a streamlined and secure fashion.  

This quarter, we are bringing you some Office 365 information that will help your business understand the tooling that empowers your employees to work intelligently at the office, at home or on the road and across different devices. 

The info below has been collected and curated by our experts to be helpful resources that will help you elevate your workplace. 

  • Changes Coming to Microsoft Teams
    As we approach the 3rd anniversary of MicrosofTeams, there are a number of new features that are going to not only enhance your experience within Teams as an individual user, but also help you to collaborate more easily with colleagues. From new devices and meeting features to enhancements for front line workers, the breadth of the tool continues to expand to meet the needs of every type of workforce. This is going to help to enable more personas use Teams in your organization and empower your frontline workers to connect across departments and elevate your entire experience. You can read more about the feature details here Some of the new features in the pipeline are: 
    • Background plus for iOS 
    • Bookings App for external meetings 
    • Raise Hands Features When You Have Something to Say 
    • Background Noise Suppression 
    • Hands-Free Headsets
    • Pop-Out Chat Capabilities
    • Teams Phones and Bose Headsets 
  • Remote Work & Windows Virtual Desktop
    If you have a team working remotely, the relationship between Teams and Windows Virtual Desktop is pivotal to ensuring that, not only do your teams have access to the best in collaboration tooling, but also that you provide proper business continuity through access to your internal system across your organization, whether a user is working in the office or not. 
  • Deploying and Benefiting from Teams Fast
    If you need help getting your workforce engaged in a remote setting quickly, reach out to us about our Rapid Readiness service from New Signature or check our expert blogs that can guide you on that pathMicrosoft also has some tutorial information that can you working quickly, intelligently and securely. 

Teams Adoption Blog Series: Can You Have 100% Teams Adoption in 90 Days?  

No matter where you are on in your modern collaboration journey, it’s our goal to help you empower your workforceIf you find your organization at all struggling to keep up with workplace technology demands, we can help. Reach out the New Signature team any time.  

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