Microsoft 365 Learning Module: Overcoming Blockers to Adoption

March 19, 2019 Cara Stafford

With Microsoft 365, your business can achieve 15% more productivity across the organization. However, owning Microsoft 365 and having the tools readily available to your team is one thing; helping them to understand, adopt and leverage their use is another challenge that some organizations face. In order to extract the most value from your Microsoft 365 invest, it’s important to address potential blockers to adoption and work with your teams to experience all that the Microsoft collaboration suite has to offer.

New Signature Modern Workplace Practice Group Lead Jim Banach hosted a free online learning opportunity to discuss some of the most common organizational blockers that businesses experience. Banach walks through the benefits of the ever-expanding Microsoft 365 suite and what might be stopping your team from fully adopting the tools, including: 

  • Vision and Buy-In 
  • Technical Readiness 
  • Processes and Governance 
  • Education and Training 

If you missed the webinar, you can access it by clicking the button below or checking out all the New Signature Modern Workplace resources. 

Watch the Webinar

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