Everything you need to know about Azure Virtual WAN

December 2, 2020 New Signature

Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN) is the latest offering from Microsoft Networking stack. Since inception, it has been considered a silver bullet that can pacify most of the notorious networking monsters. In this session, New Signature will play devil’s advocate and try to debunk – what makes VWAN such a lucrative option for stakeholders? What are its key features, archetypes and typologies? Is it worthy of the accolades it garners? Eventually, once we’re fully convinced, we then dive into what should be considered when designing and delivering a complex networking solution using Azure VWAN, featuring a few examples.

The key areas during our webinar:

  • Azure Network Connectivity Options
  • About Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN)
  • Why Azure VWAN?
  • Features & Use Cases
  • Azure VWAN Components
  • Difference between a VWAN Hub & Secure VWAN Hub
  • Various Azure VWAN Networking topologies
  • Working Examples
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Points to consider when designing a VWAN solution

Watch this insightful video below or directly on YouTube:

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