What’s New in Office 365: Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Work Style

Cara Stafford

Every day, developers are working to elevate your Office 365 experience with new features and the enhancement of the existing functionalities. At New Signature, we always have our ear to the ground to watch out for some of the most helpful and impactful developments in the Office 365 world. We are committed to relaying updates to our customers so that you can experience the best of Office 365’s functionalities.

Sometimes the updates can vary from desktop to mobile and web apps, so be sure to check out all the updates on the official Microsoft Office 365 support page, but here are some the notable updates from the past thirty days:

  • Task Board Cards
    Microsoft Project allows for comprehensive planning of all your team projects. Now, when the title alone doesn’t explain as much as you need your team to understand, you can customize and add additional details to the task board cards. This creates quicker understanding and less back-and-forth.
  • New Forwarding Options in Outlook
    For times when you want to keep a meeting to a certain group of people, you now have the ability to turn off the ability to forward meetings to others. You can find this in the “Response Options” and learn more by visiting the official Microsoft instruction and tutorial.
  • Building a Word Document from Shapes
    In a unique interface between Visio and Word, you can now automatically add diagram content, including shapes and metadata, into a Word document. This “Export to Word” feature is in Preview Mode, so go check out it’s functionality. This feature will bring together more disparate groups that utilize various programs for different reasons. Visit the Microsoft tutorial for more information and use case examples.
  • New Icons in Visio
    Simple icons can bring life and understanding to any piece of collateral. To this end, there are now 26 new icons to utilize in Visio. From analytics and business icons to sports, faces, arts and celebration themes, you can sharpen any message with the graphic help of Microsoft Visio updates.

Sometimes the fast-paced nature of the cloud and the ever-fluid updates to Office 365 environments can seem overwhelming to businesses or difficult for IT department to find the time to catch up on. New Signature is a global managed service provider with the ability to maintain your Office 365 environment for you, so you can focus on achieving more with your business.

Connect with a New Signature expert today to get started.

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