What’s New in Office 365: For the Artists and Designers

November 21, 2018 Cara Stafford

Staying up to date with every new feature that Microsoft rolls out for Office 365 can be time-consuming. New Signature works to keep our customers and curious learners in the know when it comes to neat tips and tricks, as well as important updates to your cloud-based collaborative environment.

Recently, Microsoft has implemented some updates that are specifically helpful for those who work with design and art daily. Sometimes the updates can vary from desktop to mobile and web apps, so be sure to check out all the updates on the official Microsoft Office 365 support page, but here are some the notable updates from the past thirty days:

  • Picture Transparency Presets
    When you insert a picture into a production within Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you can now add on transparency filters that adjusts the coloration and transparency of the image with pre-set capabilities, as opposed to adjusting the transparency manually. Time saved. Voila!
  • Sketch polishing
    Have you ever wished that you could automatically transform your sub-par sketches during a meeting into a clean, crisp presentation? Now you can. In Publisher, you can now scribble and sketch inspirations and watch Publisher clean the lines up into standard fonts and shapes. Learn more about this ink to text capability here.

You can be an Office Insider by signing up for Microsoft alerts on new features by joining here and be sure to watch out for New Signature’s new podcast, Office Explorers, where our experts will talk through some of the newest features for Office 365. Coming soon to iTunes and Vimeo!

If you’re working to keep up with these new features, but are busy with other business-related tasks, New Signature is a global managed service provider with the ability to maintain your Office 365 environment for you, so you can focus on achieving more with your business.

Connect with New Signature expert today to get started.

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