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Sleep Well and Dream Big - Microsoft 365 eBook 2018

August 9, 2018

New Signature has developed an information-rich eBook to educate and walk you through all the benefits of Microsoft 365, including testimonials from large companies with household names that are experiencing the value of Microsoft’s newest product suite.  

Microsoft 365 for the Enterprise has four key elements: 

  • Share moreMicrosoft 365 delivers an unrivaled set of apps and is extensible to incorporate your existing software and technologies. Customise your own M365 experience so you can choose how to communicate.   
  • Sleep well: Intelligent security with Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is built into the Microsoft 365 suite, giving you reassurance that even while your workforce if remote, your company data and information is secure.   
  • Dream bigThe structure of Microsoft 365 allows for a more natural way to work, using ink, voice and touch to explore new ways to connect and visualise ideas. Creativity can flow organically, and your team can get more out of each work day.   
  • Work smartWith a streamlined collaboration system, your team can unlock more productivity. Microsoft 365 Enterprise enables IT teams to more easily manage roles, users, devices, apps and services.  

If you’ve read our eBook and want more information on how to take the first steps to discovering the benefits of Microsoft 365 within your business, reach out to a New Signature expert to begin a discussion.  

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