New Signature Transforms TalkTalk into a Modern Workplace

May 15, 2018 Cara Stafford

TalkTalk, a United Kingdom-based telephone company with over 4.5 million customers, was having a communication and collaboration issue. And with a dynamic, fast-paced employee base, TalkTalk knew that it was essential that they transform their collaboration tools to keep pace with their progressive culture. They sought after a solution to elevate their connectivity between teams and allow for the TalkTalk employees to be more agile, mobile and productive.  

New Signature was able to assist TalkTalk from the beginning of the project, by providing strategic guidance. They planned, built and rolled out the solution for TalkTalk to drive their collaboration. New Signature was able to deliver a people-focused experience and committed to driving the adoption and business change aspects of the solution.  

Watch more about the details of TalkTalk and New Signature’s successful partnership: 

If you’re ready to transform your tomorrow, reach out to a New Signature expert to start a dialogue today. 

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