How to Increase Your Productivity with Microsoft Teams

December 3, 2018 Cara Stafford

Microsoft Teams is the future of enterprise collaboration and communication. The workplace is changing in a number of ways, and our tools need to change with them.  

  • Organizations can expect their employees’ devices increasing by 4x this year. Phones and tablets for work is increasing as the workforce becomes younger and technology is relied upon more. 
  • 72% of workers will be functioning remotely by 2020. People expect flexibility, mobility and secure accessibility.  
  • 80% of Employees’ time is spent collaborating. How we interact is key to our productivity and the tools we use are vital to quality and efficient collaboration. 

At New Signature, we are excited to transition all of our Skype for Business clients to Teams, and we ourselves use Teams every day while working with each other. It comes with a whole host of benefits and unique capabilities. 

  • Group and private chats 
  • Broadcast and conference using HD video, VoIP 
  • Use across devices and browsers 
  • Seamless integration with all your other Microsoft tools like SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI, and Planner 
  • Customized dashboards and extensible apps 

All of these functions (and more) are available at your fingertips in one place. No switching around on your screen, no tabs, no disparate programs. The ease of use allows for your teams for work smarter and accomplish more.  

You can start your journey toward Teams now by learning more about its capabilities and how to get started. Register now for New Signature’s next free webinar on December 6 – Microsoft Teams for the Modern Growing Business—hosted by our very own Teams and Unified Communication expert, Jim Banach.  

“Microsoft Teams is a tool that changes the way people work and collaborate”, says Banach. “As such, it requires not just a solid technology adoption approach, but also making sure that your employees are provided with the right resources and education to make sure they get the most out of this transformational tool. As a born-in-the-cloud collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams will continue to evolve in providing a best-in-class experience.” 

This webinar has ended, but you can still access it here for free as past of New Signature’s learning on-demand initiative. You can also access other recent webinars, such  as our new Windows 10 webinar to prepare for the end of life of Windows 7. We are here to help you stay on top of all the fast-paced changes of the technological world.

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