What’s New in Azure: The Video Series –Episode 2

March 13, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

Thanks for tuning in to the next episode of What’s New in Azure: The Video Series, the show where new updates from the world of Azure are brought to you by our experts.

Azure is a fluid cloud platform; it changes almost daily, and those updates are difficult to keep up with when you’re focused on your own business strategies. These videos help to bring what’s most important and influential to you quickly.

In this episode, our experts talk about:

  • Native Azure Active Directory Authentication Support
  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Container Services

We will talk about what is happening, why it’s important and how it may affect your business.

Check it out:

If you are looking for more help adjusting to the fast-paced nature of Azure, we can help. Reach out to our Global Managed Services team today and let us be your dedicated managers of your Azure environment. We will keep it optimized, managed and protected around the clock.

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