What’s New In Azure: Azure App and Maps

June 28, 2018 Cara Stafford

As Microsoft winds down its fiscal year and looks toward 2019, we have seen some pretty large and dynamic feature updates to Azure, including an Azure app, along with Azure maps. At New Signature, we work to stay constantly abreast with Azure enhancements and pass along what we feel are some of the biggest highlights each month with our What’s New in Azure series on the New Signature blog.

Here are some of the biggest updates from Microsoft for Azure in the past thirty days: 

  • Azure Maps
    As of the end of May, Azure Maps has become generally available. This enables a variety of functions, including mapping, search, routing, traffic and time zone capabilities that can integrate into your Azure applications. This update is a name change to what was previously called Azure Location-Based Services, and includes modifications and upgrades to the service, as well. The Azure Maps cartography was designed for enterprise customers in mind, and enables more functionality in searching maps, mapping routes and rendering data atop of maps, time one information, as well as traffic service. The scope of the tool is deep, and all the details and correlating instructions can be found within the official Microsoft announcement.
  • Azure mobile app for Android and iOS
    Also now generally available for use is the Azure mobile app for both Android and Apple operating systems. The addition of a mobile app allows for you to monitor your most important Azure details from anywhere. The app includes alerts and notifications for critical metrics and resources, the ability to make changes and utilize Cloud Shell at your fingertips, and still offers the utmost in security features, including fingerprint, touch ID and facial recognition ID. Check out the Microsoft Azure app tutorial video to learn more, or visit your app store to download today. 
  • Storage Explorer in the Azure portal (public preview)
    Coming down the pipeline, and now in public preview, is the Storage Explorer tool within the Azure portal. Prior to this update, users could only use the tool as a desktop application. Now, the Storage Explorer will be integrated easily within the Azure portal. From this tool, youc an manage your blobs, file shares and queues more seamlessly.  

The tides of Azure are always shifting, and the features and enhancements that roll out monthly can be a lot to keep up with. We are committed to keeping you up-to-date with the most useful information and are also here to help you manage your cloud environment. Check out our managed services offers to help keep your solutions managed, optimized, and protected. 

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