What’s New in Azure: August Updates for Azure Security Center, Power BI and Site Recovery

August 14, 2018 Cara Stafford

The past month has given way to a number of large-scale updates for some of Azure’s tools. Specifically, Microsoft has rolled out sets of updates for Azure Security Center, Azure Site Recovery and Power BI that will help to enhance and elevate experiences.

Microsoft development teams push out updates and enhancements continually as new ideas are tested and approved for launch. The New Signature global managed services team works with customers daily to implement all the best features so that you can focus more on your business and less on the maintenance and management of your new updates. Here are more details around just a few of this month’s most impactful updates:

  • Azure Security Center Update Rollout
    A recent update to Azure’s Security Center includes three facets in one update. First, Microsoft developed a more specific security alert and notifications method for subscription services. Users can now view security recommendations specific to each subscription. Further, users can also have more control over the configuration for security recommendations for virtual machines with Rapid7 support, and just-in-time (JIT) access. Check out the full Microsoft announcement for more information.
  • Azure Site Recovery Update Rollup
    This rollup for Azure Site Recovery offers new versions of many components of Site Recovery, including Unified Setup/Mobility Agent, Recovery Services Agent and Recovery Provider. This rollup does not contain new features, but is instead meant to help fix some of the bugs that Microsoft users have communicated. You can review the improvements in these new versions from the Microsoft Support blog post.
  • Power BI Developer Center
    A new release in the world of Power BI is the Developer Center. The Power BI Developer Center is a user-friendly hub to help customize, extend and embed Power BI into other applications, create custom visuals and automate more of your Power BI experience. In its live version, you can find API and SDK libraries to help develop customized experiences, tips, and links to all resources to guide developers.

You can always stay up-to-date with Microsoft’s Azure updates webpage, and you can also suggest new developments to be added as you discover them.

If you are looking for support in the implementation and consultation around Azure enhancements, connect with a New Signature managed services expert to discuss our various options for support to keep up with the fast-paced world of the cloud.

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