What New In Azure: Backing Up and Business Continuity

March 14, 2018 Cara Stafford

Can you afford to close the doors of your business? How long can your systems be down before it hits your bottom line? The simple answer is zero minutes. You can’t have downtime without paying a price, and New Signature champions for our customers and all businesses owners to understand and prepare themselves to achieve peak business continuity. One of the largest pieces to business continuity, and keeping the lights on, is to have a proper back-up plan for if and when disaster strikes.

Over the past quarter, Microsoft has put out multiple updates to enhance your business continuity plan through new Backup features and capabilities.

  • Azure Backup Support of BEK-encrypted Azure VMs
    Microsoft is committed to simplicity, security and reliability when it comes to Backup, since there are so many scenarios in which you could find yourself needing to employ the tool. Continuing on that enterprise data protection promise, Microsoft has announced the support for backup and restore of Azure virtual machines encrypted using Bitlocker Encryption Key(BEK) for managed or unmanaged disks. This delivers a simplified experience and enhanced security. 
  • Azure Backup for Linux VMs
    As of the end of February, users can now ensure application-consistent backup for Linux VMs within Azure using Azure Backup. This creates uniform consistency across all VMs and ensures that all applications will boot up post-restore. This update adds a host of benefits to your application data backup, including increased automation and monitoring capabilities. The Microsoft Azure blog lists out success stories for the update, as well as videos showing steps to implement the enhancement.
  • Azure Backup integration with Azure Files
    While only in public preview, Microsoft Azure Backup integration is now able to easily integrate with Azure Files. This means that you can easily and automatically back up file shares so that there is a more straightforward way to secure files and go back in time when the need arises. This comes with some domino-effect features, as well. This update will also allow users to quickly discover unprotected file shares using Recovery Services. You can also schedule your own Backup policy and backup multiple files at one time. The best part—no virtual machine need to be employed to enable this back up, and this update is free while in preview mode. 

Our experts are committed to relaying all the best tips and information for Azure so that all our cloud clients can be in tune with the most useful enhancements and continue driving your business forward. If you are interested in even more comprehensive optimization of your Azure environment, connect with New Signature regarding their Cloud Management for Azure service offering.

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