The Truth About DevOps

August 28, 2019 Justin VanWinkle

Misconception: “My company isn’t a software company. We just write software to support the business, so we don’t care about going faster.”

While your company might not be a software company — or a company that sells software in its product line, you can still largely benefit from DevOps. DevOps is all about efficiency in the software lifecycle, so saying that you don’t believe DevOps can boost your software delivery capabilities is to inversely say that you are not concerned with producing significant waste.

Is it hard to measure the business value provided by DevOps?


Is it hard to convey the business value?


Is it impossible to do either?


DevOps is all about reducing friction at the intersection of people, processes, and products such that more value can be delivered faster to end users. Your product might be internal-facing, or it could be external. Your product might not even be software! The principles of DevOps aren’t even software-specific. In fact, the principles of DevOps don’t even come from a software background and many have found those principles to be useful in other fields of work. That’s not why we are here, though, so more on that in another post soon.

The big question: “When should I adopt DevOps practices?”

Transforming an organization with DevOps is a monumental undertaking that always has something more you can do. It’s not going to happen over night, and it’s not something you can buy. It’s a culture shift, a process shift, and a mental shift. We, at Nebbia/New Signature, specialize in this.  We are passionate about DevOps because we each have a unique set of experiences that have shown us the depth of value that comes along with DevOps transformations.

Caught in a lie: “You said I can’t buy DevOps, but you sell DevOps Consulting”

That’s exactly right. And our goal isn’t to come in and teach you how to write, test, and deploy software faster and more reliably. While we do those things (and we do them extremely well), they are not our primary focus. We believe that if we implemented those things and left, you would not be in any better position than when we started working with you.

No, our primary goal is to integrate ourselves in your organization or team and serve as a catalyst for culture, process, and mental shifts while teaching you how to employ the tools of DevOps. We want to make sure that your organization or team really understands it — that they aren’t just implementing DevOps practices because it’s a mandate from management.

Did you know that we offer custom DevOps Assessments? They are a perfect entry point for any DevOps transformation! These assessments give us an opportunity to analyze your organization as an unbiased third party while helping you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.  In addition, we provide you with a well-documented approach for implementing DevOps that is specific to your organizations needs and goals.

Are you ready to get started on your DevOps journey? Schedule a discovery call with us today.

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