New Signature Demonstrates Elite Azure Security Competency with Successful Completion of Microsoft AZ500 and MS500 Exams

November 22, 2019 Cara Heimbaugh

New Signature is proud to announce that our organization has successfully completed one of the most ambitious Microsoft competencies. Currently, there are only 11 Microsoft partners world-wide who hold these certifications, and we are excited to be among them.

The Microsoft AZ500 certification measures the ability to properly manage identity and access, implement platform protection, manage security operations and secure data and applications. Our experts are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of Azure security standards for our customers, and New Signature is committed to a strong focus on security across all our practice areas.

The Microsoft MS500 certification is a security administration exam that certifies those who proactively secure Microsoft 365 enterprise environments, respond to threats, perform investigations, and enforce data governance with expertise and best practices.

Check out some of our exclusive security-focused content from our online resource library:

If you’re interested in learning more about New Signature, visit our Company web page, and if you’re someone with a passion for transformative customer experiences who is interested in becoming part of one of our global teams, take a look at our Careers page.

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