The Roadmap to Teams: Rebranding and Additional UC Updates

February 16, 2018 Varol Saatcioglu

What was arguably considered the biggest announcement coming out of Ignite 2017 was Microsoft’s strategy to pivot from Skype for Business into Teams, along with the rebranding and reconfiguration of Skype for Business into a more integrated and optimized collaboration platform. 

New Signature has been utilizing Teams internally since its debut with great success, and we have spoken to the exciting future of Unified Communications on our blog ever since the big announcement this past summer. 

But let’s talk about where we are on the compelling journey from Skype for Business to Teams. It’s a process that requires transitions and rollouts, and we are committed to keeping our customers informed of the coming changes.  

As Teams continues to drive towards feature parity with Skype for Business, below are some considerations to review. 

  • Rebranding 

While it may seem superficial, it’s important to become aware of nomenclature changes on the Microsoft Unified Communications front. 

  • Cloud PBX is now Microsoft Phone System 
  • PSTN Conferencing is now Audio Conferencing 
  • PSTN Calling is now Calling Plan 
  • PSTN Consumption Billing is now Communications Credits
  • Skype Operations Framework has been rolled into FastTrack’s MyAdvisor platform 
  • Enhancements 

As Skype for Business and Teams continue to iterate, newer capabilities and enhancements are released to provide greater value to organizations and their users.  

  • Skype for Business 
    • Call Analytics in preview
    • Screen-sharing notifications
    • Simplified meeting join for mobile users
    • Joining of Teams meetings through Skype for Business
    • Auto Attendant and Call Queues 
    • Improvements to the Mac Skype for Business client, including as Emergency 911, sending files in peer-to-peer chats, meeting/call management options, missed IM notifications, along with sharing and contact improvements 
  • Teams 
    • Calling features such as blocking, muting, recording, and transfers 
    • Recording 
    • Support for Larger Teams 
    • UK availability 
    • Microsoft White Board Preview –  a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together for creative collaboration.It’s designed for teams that need to ideate, iterate, and work together both in person and remotely, and across multiple devices.  
    • Integration with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome 

As we move forward in our journey toward a more comprehensive and collaborative future with Teams, New Signature will continue to outline and educate customers on the newest capabilities and features.  

If you’re interested in giving your workplace a flexible and unified communications platform with zero on-premises footprint, reach out to New Signature to talk to a subject matter expert about the value of Microsoft Teams! 

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