Microsoft Teams – A Single-Pane of Communication

December 26, 2017 Lavayna Murthy

Digital transformation, while democratizing innovation and spurring exponential growth brings its share of challenges as well. Organizations today are assailed with competing priorities of managing global and diverse workforce, delivering constant innovation, increasing business productivity, complying with stringent data transparency and privacy regulations, and protecting from sophisticated cyber threats.

Internet has unleashed the connected network leading to global teams where multi-cultural and multi-generational teams are the norm today. Generational and cultural diversity among the workforce today introduces a mixture of values, communication styles, and working habits. It is not uncommon to find teams today with team members spanning four or five distinct generations. The diverse workforce can be pivoted into an asset and harnessed to creatively address problems and opportunities with right intelligent communications tool. Microsoft Teams provides a digital hub for teamwork for different work styles and enables an ongoing dialog and collaboration across diverse teams through threaded persistent chat that is available on any device.

Short iterative innovation cycles and enhanced productivity are imperative for the business growth and can be achieved only through rapid collaboration between the all levels of employees in the company. Frontline workers of a company that are the first contact with customers can offer wealth of information and bring forth unique perspectives about issues, challenges, and trends to improve and enhance the organization’s products and services. Microsoft Teams, a single pane of communication across all levels of workers in the company empowers all workers march towards common business goals and is included in all the First Line license offerings, so feedback can be pivoted into tangible business results.

Access to historical information, data, resources, and expertise through Microsoft Teams channel based app bridges the gap between critical information and user, facilitating faster decision-making. Apart from integration through Office graph that’s built around Office 365 users and their content, Teams provides numerous extensibility options to incorporate data from other sources, eliminating switching tools for contextual information. Microsoft Teams, a single pane of digital hub and communication, is a huge arsenal in combating productivity loss due to task switching in search contextual information.

All this amplified collaboration and business benefits do not add management complexity, Office 365 suite complies with stringent data transparency and global privacy regulations such as GDPR and defense in-depth protection is integral in the entire offering to protect from sophisticated cyber threats.

So, reach out to New Signature to take advantage of Microsoft Teams, a single pane of communication to unleash the modern collaboration, engage and empower diverse workforce, and boost productivity by eliminating context switching.

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