4 Tips on Using Microsoft Teams to be Productive in a Remote Work Scenario

March 16, 2020 Jared Teed

We know from our own operational structure and because of the power of Microsoft technologies that you can experience success in a remote environment, and our goal at New Signature is to guide our partners to success. 

Microsoft Teams is the center of Office 365. If your organization is licensed for Office 365, you already have it. But we want to make sure everyone has access to it during this time. If you work for a business that isn’t currently licensed for Teams, Microsoft has you covered with a free Office 365 E1 offer for six months; if you have any questions about how to redeem that offer, you can reach out to one of our experts any time. 

Now, for those who are new to the world of remote work, it is important to realize that it can present its own set of challenges.  With that in mind, here are four things you need to know about being productive in a remote work scenario:  

Staying Healthy While Working From Home

Working from home can cause our normal routines to be put into disarray.  Scheduling time for exercise, eating right and taking breaks from screens can help ensure mental well-being and a work-life balance that must be maintained even in a less conventional workplace setting.    

Business as Usual 

Working remotely is just that – working.  It can be tempting to delay that big off-site you had scheduled or put off the weekly one-on-one with a colleague – don’t.  From quick chats with teammates to large and formal meetings, all of these can be successfully held online using Teams and other Microsoft cloud-based apps.    

Use Video 

Face-to-Face interaction can really help us all feel more connected, as it can be difficult to feel as though you are performing a monologue into the deep abyss.   When you’ve got robust bandwidth, turn on your video!   

Know What to Use When

If you’re new to Office 365, you’ll notice that there are a number of tools that can help to communication and collaborate with disparate coworkers. It’s important to know how to use each tool in order to maximize your productivity. From Outlook, chat and video to Office 365 groups, Yammer and Teams channels, there’s a rhyme and reason for each Microsoft communication avenues. Check out the Microsoft teamwork loop graphic to decide who is in your inner and outer loops and leverage the right tools for every given situation.

 Tip: Use background blur if you don’t want your background to be a distraction. Video really amps up collaboration in meetings (but if you’ve got limited bandwidth, turn off video to maintain high-quality audio).  

These may seem like simple things, but they can go a long way when leveraging Microsoft Teams for a healthful and productive remote workspace. 

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