What’s New in Azure – Updates to Azure Front Door Service, Kubernetes Services, and more

April 30, 2019 Alex Ivanov

Microsoft Azure features keep growing to enable a vast amount of possibilities for your business. This month Microsoft has made significant updates to Azure’s Front Door Service, Kubernetes Service (AKS), and several security features.

Azure Front Door Service – Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Front Door Service which is a scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global applications. It has several features that make it a premier solution for a global website or application:

  • Application acceleration with IP routing, combined using Microsoft’s massive private global network to directly connect to your Azure deployed backends means your app runs with lower latency and higher throughput to your end users.
  • Global HTTP load balancing enables you to build your application resiliently across regions, fail-over instantly and offer your users an “always-on” website availability experience either at a domain or microservice level.
  • Path-based routing power your global microservice applications with independent routing all under your single global domain

Pod Security Policy in Preview – Pod security policy for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) enables fine-grain authorization of pod creation and updates. It allows you to setup policies to validate requests to pods and define a set of conditions that a pod must run with in order to be scheduled on the AKS cluster.

Web Application Firewall for Azure Front Door – With this new feature, customers will be able to define security policies that allow, block, or rate limit access to your web applications delivered through Front Door. New or updated Web Application Firewall configurations are deployed globally within minutes, letting you respond quickly to changing attack patterns.

ExpressRoute Direct  – Take advantage of the functionality of ExpressRoute and connect directly to the global Microsoft backbone at 100 Gbps. This allows customers who have scenarios such as massive data ingestion to storage, physical isolation, dedicated capacity, and burst capacity to use Microsoft’s global backbone to access Azure regions at tremendous scale.

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