What’s New in Azure: The Video Series – October 2019 Updates

October 22, 2019 Cara Heimbaugh

The world of Microsoft Azure never sleeps. It’s constantly developing, and new features are rolled out by Microsoft on a continuous basis.  

New Signature is proud to announce our new quarterly video series, What’s New in Azure.  This series aims to keep you up to date with the most important Azure upgrades and newest useful features! 

Check out the first installment below: 

You can always stay abreast on Azure news through Microsoft’s website or learn more about Azure from the New Signature Azure learning resources collection, and can also help guide development by providing feedback using the Microsoft Azure General Feedback tool. 

Caught up on Azure? 

That means it’s time to get updated on the world of Office 365, too! You can check out our monthly podcast, Office Explorers, to learn from expert hosts Kat Memenza and Rob Murray about all the best tips and tricks surrounding Office 365.  

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