What’s New in Azure: Power BI Updates and New Features

February 28, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

Sometimes, we hear our customers or employees discussing how Power BI is a tool that is only for analytics experts, but that’s just not so. In fact, some of our New Signature employees from various departments and teams who love leveraging Power BI wrote a blog piece about how Power BI can be utilized across any organization and by anyone, even if you aren’t a “data nerd” like they are.

Check out our Data Nerds Power BI blog piece below:

Blog: How Different Departments Can Use Power BI

So now that you know that Power BI can be a tool that you can confidently approach and utilize, let’s discuss some of Microsoft’s newest features that they rolled out in a batch over the past month.

  • Filter Updates
    Power BI Embedded now has the capability to set a basic filter as a single selection filter. To do this, when editing the report, select the checkbox that says Require single selection at the bottom of the filter card. In addition, it’s now possible to have the same single selection filter behavior when using the JavaScript client APIs.This is helpful for Power BI users who wish to get an even more granular look at their data based on need. When you are sharing reports, you can make sure that the proper selections are already  applied, making getting to the vital data easier for everyone.
  • Improved Metrics Reports
    Power BI is all about reporting, and now users are able to manipulate and monitor those reports with greater ease and usefulness. Not only can you see consumption percentages by platform in Azure, but you can also hover over individual embedded reports to see data. Now you can also use a high contrast mode in Power BI embedded, which allows for different viewing preferences per different users.
  • Upgraded Visualizations with ArcGIS
    Does your business utilize mapping technologies? Now Power BI with ArcGIS partner up to deliver the world’s best in visual spatial analytics. From mapping on highways to charting out potential infectious diseases or monitoring work crew locations from a single dashboard, this capability can elevate your insights into essential business information and help guide real-time decision making.

If you feel overwhelmed by the many features that Microsoft rolls out for Azure, we can help. Our experts can assist you with your management of Azure or take on all that responsibility for you so you can focus on your business strategy.

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