PowerDETAILS Case Study by Microsoft

February 15, 2019 Hannah Schaffer

Recently, Microsoft wrote a case study that details how one of our customers, PowerDETAILS was able to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance to increase their business agility and uptime, while continuing their journey to Azure.  Our team at Nebbia has worked together with PowerDETAILS over the years to implement Azure technologies that have enabled their growth, and this new step allows them to move away from VM-based databases.

“Since 2006, PowerDETAILS has helped more than 24,000 police officers across 24 states find, complete, and get paid for off-duty work.

In the past, police precincts managed off-duty work through spreadsheets or even on whiteboards. With PowerDETAILS, police departments can upgrade to an integrated, digital job management system that ensures stakeholders get the right approvals, officers get compensated correctly for the work they do, and departments can stay compliant with their written policies on off-duty work.”

The case study describes the effort behind creating a scalable platform to handle the plans to double the number of users within the next year. Not only was this achieved, PowerDETAILS also can now offer a 99.99 percent uptime. The improvement also means the company can spend more time innovating instead of managing their servers, and it allows officers to find opportunities to take side jobs that allow them to keep more public spaces safe. “Says Esteban Garcia, CEO at Nebbia Technology, ‘We strive to provide our customers with technology options that make an impact in their business. Managed Instance not only solves a technology problem, it provides PowerDETAILS with reliability and business agility to continue transforming their industry.’”

Read the full case study here.

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