Achieve Business Transformation with the Cloud

July 18, 2016 New Signature

Microsoft’s public cloud provides the opportunity to transform the way we work today. Microsoft’s Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security can globally connect us and improve how we collaborate and use data. These cloud platforms offer customers the opportunity to become more agile in operations and create new customer experiences. It has opened up a whole range of new opportunities. Navigating the change that this transformation requires can be a challenge, and companies need a trusted partner to help them benefit from these opportunities. New Signature fills that need.

Watch our video to find out more about our approach to Cloud-driven business transformations.

Collaboration and Mobility

New Signature’s collaborative solutions drive business transformation through integrated and innovative Microsoft technologies. We build a virtual environment that brings people together—just as if they were all sitting together in one physical space.

Today’s mobile world demands solutions that operate within that framework, with secure and reliable applications that run on a variety of devices. For example, New Signature built the StoryTeller cloud application for sales representatives, delivering all the critical assets and information that help to close a sale through tablets and other mobile devices using Android, iOS and Windows. All of it is linked in real-time to SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. Promotional materials, client data and leads, and competitive information are readily available, providing the users with a powerful set of tools.

Advanced Analytics and IoT Solutions

Intelligent business solutions depend upon the quantity and quality of data—and the ability to easily access it. Microsoft technologies can put all that data into your hands, allowing you to organize and find it quickly, and then linking people to the corporate knowledge base to support informed business insights.

The Internet of Things has opened up exciting new horizons for progressive enterprises, and New Signature taps into its value to ensure that our clients find all the ways that it can enrich their business. With Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite, important analytics data can be collected and stored. When this data is connected to Power BI, it can be visualized in a number of ways, inspiring creative ideas that shape key corporate decisions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your IT environment to the public cloud creates endless possibilities. At the same time, many companies have already invested heavily in on-premises solutions. Using Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform for business, New Signature can help plan, build and manage strategic IT scenarios for private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.

As businesses seek to advance their competitive position in global markets, it’s essential that all systems stay healthy and perform well. With New Signature’s Managed Services, our clients leave that task up to us, allowing them to focus on their core business activities and achieving success.

New Signature takes pride in transforming businesses with our breadth and depth of expertise across the entire Microsoft stack. We work with our clients from the beginning of their journey to the public cloud and beyond, creating and managing a portfolio of technologies that is right for their business.

Explore the possibilities with us. We will be sharing more of our insights into the ways that the public cloud drives business transformation through our series of blogs and videos.

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