Top Technology Considerations When Navigating a Merger or Acquisition

June 11, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

Every acquisition will bring its unique business, operational and cultural challenges. Faced with such challenges, realizing anticipated synergies in a timely manner is often elusive.  There are many technology considerations when beginning to move forward with a merger or acquisition, and it’s important to strategize from the start, rather than attempt to course correct partway through the endeavor.

Our newly refreshed guide is rich with the information you need to navigate a merger or acquisition with greater ease. It covers topics like:

  • Avoiding typical pain points
  • Learning how your type of acquisition can affect your technological landscape
  • Collaboration Concerns
  • Security Concerns
  • Business Strategies and Synergies
  • How New Signature Can Help Reconcile Disparate Technologies
  • And more

Download here:

New Signature Mergers & Acquisitions Guide

This guide, written by our own in-house experts is a great starting point to unpacking all that your organization should analyze prior to a merger. You can download this guide for free below and, as always, if you have questions surrounding your own unique M&A journey, reach out to us to have a conversation.

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New Signature Mergers & Acquisitions Guide

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