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eBook: Transforming Insight and Automated Actions at Scale-IoT and Machine Learning

August 9, 2018

Transforming Insight and Automated Actions at Scale

71% of IoT Projects are stuck in “pilot purgatory” due to lack of resources or knowledge to scale. 

Over time, the processes in the manufacturing world have undergone several major revolutions. From the first mechanical loom to predicting errors before they happen with the power of IoT, we are pushing the threshold of Industry 4.0. IoT will push Industry 4.0 and the boundaries of current manufacturing operations with faster development cycles, improved QA, improved safety, predictive maintenance and real-time data and optimization.

But what does Industry 4.0 look like for each part of the supply chain?

How will Industry 4.0 affect change at each level?

With IoT and machine learning, every aspect of the supply chain gains deeper insight into the process, and machine connection/ learning help to monitor production and eliminate waste, while predictive analytics help to eradicate quality issues in real-time. This ability to remotely manage enables a more mobile workforce, and brings transparency to key players in the production process.

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