The Cloud Operating Model Explained

March 13, 2019

The ongoing evolution of the cloud has businesses everywhere embracing digital transformation and digitally enabled business methods in a quest to out-perform the competition and achieve differentiation. This has given rise to a new kind of business operating model – a Cloud Operating Model (COM). But what is it and how could it benefit your business?

In this webinar, Dan Scarfe, author of the acclaimed new book ‘Thinking of Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model? Ask the Smart Questions’, explores:

  • What is a Cloud Operating Model and how does it enable a different conversation between the business and IT?
  • Achieving the right balance between agility and control
  • The new grand bargain between business and IT
  • People in the mix – who ‘owns’ and delivers a COM?
  • Setting off in the right direction: how do you define the strategy and bounds of your new COM?
  • How do your enforce governance? Be it financial, operational or organisational, who are the key players and how will they work together in the future?
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