Why I Donate: New Signature Employee Saves Lives with Commitment to Blood Donations

May 2, 2018 Cara Stafford

Growing up with his mother as a nurse, New Signature employee Peter Mackenzie understood clearly the way that blood donations can save lives and how easy it is to make a difference by donating blood on your free time. This, along with Peter’s need for blood on a few occasions from sports injuries, helped him appreciate the difference the blood donation can make.

From this understanding, Peter fell into a routine of donating blood that would develop into a lifelong practice that supports lives and the medical community in Canada. Today, Peter’s daughter is in nursing school, and he has donated over 113 times, which is an incredible feat for one person, considering a donor must wait 56 days between donations.  

Peter says that he feels good knowing that he is helping others who need access to healthy blood supplies and that its “not a lot to ask—you just roll up your sleeve and lie on a bed. Then you get cookies as a bonus.” He also comments that every time he donates, he also gets a “bonus checkup” as they check his blood pressure and iron levels, and double check that he has not contracted any blood diseases, such as hepatitis, HIV, or other conditions. 

If you’re interested in donating, you have a variety of options. Donors can donate whole blood (traditional blood donation), but you can also donate platelets, plasma, stem cells and organs. The reality is that each and every one of needs blood and it’s an easy and renewable source within our bodies that we can share to save lives.  

How valuable are blood donations? Blood is always in high need, when you consider that it takes: 

  • 5 donors for each heart surgery or cancer treatment 
  • 8 donors per week for a Leukemia patient 
  • 50 donors for a car crash victim 

Connect with your nation’s blood donation organization to get started. 

Canadian Blood Services
The American Red Cross
National Health Service – Blood and Transplant
The South African National Blood Service 

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