New Signature Brings Connectivity to UK’s Mid-Cheshire Hospitals

June 7, 2017 Cara Stafford

As part of Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust care plans, many employees find themselves delivering care in multiple settings—in one of their hospitals, at people’s homes, and in various office and clinic settings. The Trust knew it needed to empower its mobile employees to be able to perform the same high-quality level of care without being disconnected from the information they needed.

Solid access to clinical system was key in the hospitals project to create a virtual dashboard application that has a patient view, clinical view, and a full desktop for medical staff who are in the field working.

Microsoft suggested New Signature to Mid Cheshire Hospitals due to their vast expanse of knowledge around healthcare and cloud-empowered solutions that still provide the utmost in patient privacy and security. New Signature was able to not only make the hospital’s IT dreams a reality, but they also found the most cost-effective manner in which to implement the solution, utilizing Awingu as the virtual desktop infrastructure.

The hospital is now experiencing more agility with a flexible cloud that helps them to adjust their usage and save costs over time, as well as marry their cloud and on-premises Azure environments and utilize the same management tool set across the board.

“Working with New Signature has been really good. We have established a really good working relationship, and they have been really responsive to our needs, where we have had to tailor.” says Amy Freeman, CIO of Mid Cheshire Hospitals.

Watch more about Mid Cheshire’s story below, and contact New Signature to take the first steps toward your business’s best solution:

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