What’s New in Azure: Cost Management and DevOps

February 3, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

The cloud of yesterday is not the same as the cloud of today, and the cloud of today will differ from the cloud of tomorrow. Every day, new features and developments are rolling out of the Microsoft shop and being applied to your Azure environment.  

One of our many functions here at New Signature is to keep our ear to the ground and alert our customers to any significant changes to the Azure world so you can adjust your expectations and anticipate things that may affect you. 

Over the past month, Microsoft has made updates to their cost management and DevOps tooling:  

  • Azure Cost Management Updates
    One of the largest concerns we hear from customers is that they want to ensure that they are not overspending on their Azure consumption and are always looking for ways to streamline costs and increase optimization. Azure Cost Management is the go-to tool to help gain insight into where you are accruing costs and help identify spending patterns and potential areas of improvement.

    Some new updates to Cost Management are that you can schedule automated exports of your billing data. This allows you to archive spend data effortlessly and enables you to look back at historical data with easy on a cadence based on your preferences. Also, Azure Dedicated Hosts are now available, which means that you all save more compared to individually deployed VMs as you will be able to host your VMs in a single-tenant physical server.   
  • Azure DevOps Updates
    The latest sprint update for Azure DevOps included some general updates, as well as additions to the pipeline of updates forthcoming. Most notably, you can now get notifications in Teams for different DevOps pipelines, work items and pull requests in a more streamlined fashion. Prior to this update, tracking these notifications was a manual task, but now you have access to threaded notifications for Azure Boards, Pipelines and Repos keeping your DevOps efforts more organized and efficient and making tasks more iterate and agile. 

The world of Azure changes every day. If you need assistance creating the most optimized cloud model, reach out to a New Signature expert about our NS:GO program, where we guide you on your journey to a digital operating model within Azure. From your cloud workloads to your workplace intelligence and managing that environment over time, New Signature is your expert partner. So, are you ready to GO? 

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