New Signature Takes Their DevOps Expertise on the Road

January 5, 2020 Cara Heimbaugh

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Join New Signature DevOps experts at one of eight upcoming on-site events at a city near you. At these free DevOps workshops, our leaders will teach you about how bringing together people, processes and technology can completely revitalize your organization and position you for a sustainable future.

We will help you learn how to:

    • break apart your monolith
    • plan your DevOps journey
    • implement changes with minimal
    • work with your applications in a more effective way.

Register Now

If you are a leader in your organization’s development, this workshop is ideal for you. Check out the listings below to register below and be sure to keep an eye on our central events calendar for any changes.

January 15:  Burlington, Massachusetts
January 20:  Tampa, Florida
January 24: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
February 6: Toronto, Canada
February 18: Atlanta, Georgia
February 20: Charlotte, North Carolina
March 2: Malvern, Virginia
March 6: Reston, Virginia

DevOps approaches the business as a whole to transform the way you work, innovate and operate. Don’t miss this opportunity to access the knowledge to embrace that transformation.

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