Learning On-Demand: How to Transform Your Business with DevOps

September 25, 2020 New Signature

If you missed New Signature’s “How to Transform with DevOps” webinar, don’t’ worry; we are committed to learning and growth for our communities and archive all our learning opportunities on our Vimeo page and our website.

During this engagement, Microsoft Business group DevOps expert, Chris Ayers, leads you through the basics of DevOps and how adopting a DevOps approach to your culture and overall business model can increase innovation, productivity and automation.

You’ll also learn about:

  • DevOps related to people, processes and technology
  • The 4 Ket Metrics of DevOps
  • How to Adopt DevOps Practices in a Sustainable and Lasting Manner

Watch the full webinar below:

How to Transform with DevOps – Webinar from New Signature on Vimeo.

If you are looking for more educational webinars, visit our webinars archive and our events calendar for more upcoming engagements.

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How to Transform with DevOps - Webinar
How to Transform with DevOps - Webinar

Join New Signature’s DevOps expert Chris Ayers for a free webinar on transforming your organization with De...