Venture Insurance Programs Case Study

To meet the needs of its growing business, Venture Insurance Programs sought innovative tools to better manage and analyze their business as it worked to insure golf, club & resort properties. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group brought Dynamics CRM and Power BI together to develop rich analytics that drive Venture's business forward.

“Business intelligence and reporting is a core concept required for any successful business platform. In the transition to a new CRM platform, Cognizant MBG led the introduction, integrations and launch of Power BI.”

Chris Anciborenko | Chief Financial Officer


For the past two decades, Venture Insurance Programs has partnered with insurance brokers and carriers to provide underwriting services for specific niche industries ranging from golf courses to hotels, resorts, and social clubs. Venture provides underwriting services and risk management and oversees claims and accounts for a wide array of properties spread across numerous geographies. In order to meet the growing needs of its business, Venture turned to Cognizant Microsoft Business Group to develop a data analysis solution that eradicates blind spots and displays critical data in a way that empowers Venture to make the best future business decisions.

“The team’s technical expertise and ability to translate complex requirements transformed our systems into seamless, intuitive business solutions. The ability to access all our KPI’s on a real time basis has transformed the strategic decision making process.  We no longer waste time in attempting to derive the results from our raw data, but rather focus our efforts on making sound, informed decisions through the Power BI dashboards and analytics.”

Mary Sipala | IT Director


Cognizant MBG’s Advanced Analytics experts developed an integrated solution that harnesses Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and Power BI to improve data capture and display.

One significant component of the solution was a set of key performance indicators (KPI's) that capture the most essential data from Venture's mass of client information, allowing executives to quickly assess each of its Programs.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group was able to resolve a major pain point for Venture: a lack of clarity into how a large book of business is performing. Venture's new set of tools allow Venture to easily access the real time information they need in order to guide their business through continued growth and success.

Venture Dash 1 Interactive mapping interacts with other dimensions for filtering, highlighting, and magnitude comparison.


One of the greatest aspects of the custom Venture data display model is its usability. Cognizant MBG developed a dashboard for the Venture team that is simple, effective and information-rich. This allows for easier monitoring of submission and renewal activity, policy servicing, and the onboarding of new accounts. The program can also be adjusted for team member use, so that executives have a strategic 360-degree view of performance and profitability, while ground-level employees can utilize a drilled-down version that provides useful insights to match their company roles. In addition, the company can realize an increase in productivity and a higher rate of team collaboration, which improves both employee satisfaction and customer experiences. By bringing critical information to the fingertips of the end-user in a digestible way, Venture Insurance Programs is revolutionizing the way they attack their business goals.

Venture Dash 2 Dynamic KPI's allow Venture to easily assess the performance of its programs in real time.


The solution that Cognizant MBG built for Venture has modernized and enhanced its operations. By removing the barriers of outdated technology, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group enabled the company to move toward the future with greater confidence and strategic awareness. They can now make their strategic decisions more quickly and with a firmer foundation of knowledge.

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