Rogers Case Study

Connecting the Community with a Streamlined and Modern Media Platform

Business innovation thrives when employees can connect and communicate with each other anytime from anyplace. The ability to differentiate in a highly competitive marketplace is not only determined by a company’s offerings for customers, but also by the strength of its people and a culture that lets innovation and collaboration thrive. Rogers Communications is leading the charge in this regard by changing the way its employees work.

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group has helped Rogers undergo a significant shift towards a more open and collaborative workspace. Working with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, Rogers also broke down technical and geographic barriers that stood in the way of collaboration and innovation. By fostering a collaborative and productive environment across departments and geographies, the company is positioning itself for long-term success and growth.


Rogers Communications, located in Toronto, has a cast employee network that branches across North America. They were looking for a way to improve their workplace for employees through significant investments in collaboration technologies to remove barriers that reduce access to information, limit employee mobility, and hinder ease of communication. Rogers was also seeking to curate a more open and collaborative work environment and looking for a platform that works to drive a more modern business. Some pillars that they sought were a platform idea and file-sharing, more social and digital communication tools, as well as technologies that would make work more meaningful, inspiring and fun. It’s important to Rogers to enable and encourage innovative and creative thinking.


Rogers chose Cognizant MBG to work with them to build a brilliant digital future. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group implemented Yammer, an enterprise social platform that is leveraged to discuss important announcements and connect individuals and departments across the organization. Rogers is building a powerful online community to share news, collaborate quickly on projects and get to know your employees better. Rogers chose Yammer as their collaboration tool of choice because, out of the box, it is the most complete and comprehensive tool that is easy-to-use, which creates a quicker implementation and a smaller learning curve for employees. Rogers also decided to pursue Yammer because it offers deep insights into engagement, aligned with their vision for a connected workplace, and offers the level of security and compliance that they required. They chose to work with Cognizant MBG as a Microsoft partner because of their world-class expertise and ability to ensure proper training for employees. Cognizant Microsoft Business Group anticipates any possible obstacles and divert those as experts for a streamlined and optimized implementation. Through change management and adoption, Cognizant MBG offers the experience in the full stack of Microsoft technologies and even helped Rogers engage executives and influencers to help advocate and champion for the new collaboration tool.

Benefits and Results

Yammer has helped Rogers Communications create a better sense of community, not just with customers outside the organization, but also within their teams. Yammer has helped the departments and employees within Rogers align and begin to march toward the same objectives and goals. Projects are driven forward, and problems are solved faster with Yammer enabling quicker and easier collaboration. Yammer has been the underlying force of collaboration since its adoption by Rogers Communications. It nullifies your time zone and location and connects employees and increases engagement for a more cultivated and rich space for innovation. Further, Yammer integrates with Rogers Communications existing Microsoft platforms and tools, as well as their own intranet, creating a seamless, cohesive and mobile environment that employees can access from any device. With over 23,000 users registered on Rogers’ Yammer platform and a strong internal Yammer champion program in place, the implementation has been nothing short of transformative for the employees’ day-to-day. Along with the strategy and implementation consultancy from Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, Rogers believes that they have laid a solid foundation for continued growth of enterprise collaboration and engagement and a brilliant digital future.

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