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In 2017, we were in the early phases of modernizing a global law firm, when the worldwide cyberattack WannaCry compromised the firm’s data. New Signature worked day and night to assist in the recovering from the attack. Our team was called upon by c-suite leaders to deliver their expertise and remedy the breach as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the aftermath of the WannaCry attack, the firm began to view IT and security in a new light.

They were ready to make some changes and evaluate their entire IT environment. New Signature partnered to completely revolutionize their firm. From a brand-new infrastructure with heightened security, improved collaboration tools, intelligent machine learning technologies and 24/7 expert support and management, the firm has completely transformed their business processes and positioned themselves to optimize every aspect of their firm.

This firm was facing a myriad of challenges and obstacles that were holding them in a place of insecurity, as well as productivity atrophy. The New Signature team worked with the firm to develop strategy and solutions in five key areas of their IT environment: security, identity, collaboration, machine learning and managed services.


After this firm was affected by the WannaCry data breach of 2017, they made client data and information security a top priority. Not only did New Signature act quickly to resolve threats during a time when each hour was essential in recovering client data, but our experts were able to guide the firm to a more stable environment through a series of security transformation processes beginning with top-to-bottom assessments and was completed with an application of managed services to maintain the utmost in security maintenance.

New Signature worked with the firm to analyze the current state of their security governance and environment and developed a set of recommendations to address their specific needs. We worked to help the firm create a governance plan that provides structure, roles and responsibilities and understanding of who has access to what and when. We also enhanced their security automatically by migrating their infrastructures and workloads to Microsoft Azure and worked to apply additional security measures within their user space to protect files, sensitive data, and provide additional layers of strict authentication.


The firm was struggling to maintain and project unified branding across all of its offices and control data on a global scale. Misplaced paperwork or lost files create liabilities and clients need to know that only the right people have access to their information. From a business standpoint, a governance strategy was essential in removing risk of users accessing information easily without compromising the sensitivity of the content.

By leveraging Microsoft Office 365, New Signature can assign a hierarchy of access to each user with specificity while Azure Information Protection allows easy encryption of documents and creates a safer space to share files with connections outside the firm.

To meet these needs, New Signature also implemented conditional access for the firm. This technology leverages the power of machine learning in the cloud to automatically apply stricter authentication and assess protocols when data was being accessed from traditionally unrecognized locations.


Once New Signature migrated the firm’s infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, the New Signature modern workplace team enabled Microsoft 365, which brought them the best modern toolkit in order to overcome a major challenge in the legal industry today—productivity atrophy. The legal process is often plagued by bureaucracy and red tape that is beyond control, but by rolling out Microsoft 365, the firm was able to connect their disparate offices, creating a more seamless communications environment and enabling quicker turnaround time for clients.

Cloud-based tools like SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange allow staff to protect against lost files and maintain privacy for those documents while Microsoft Teams enables easy conferencing for a more flexible and mobile experience for clients and staff members on the go and who are busy at court and during remote work. New Signature then layered their new cloud collaboration environment with Azure Information Protection, which helps to control access to data and documents and provide clients with greater peace of mind.

Our team was able to meet the unique needs of a global law firm, taking into consideration industry-specific objectives and concerns, such as discovery enhancement, data sovereignty and conflicts of interest between member organization. Due to the limitless storage capacity of Microsoft Azure, New Signature was able to sort and consolidate multiple eDiscovery locations back into the Microsoft platform, which helps the firm access information quicker and more easily.

Machine Learning Applications

Firms archive thousands of reports, case files and documents each year that are helpful references when similar cases arise. However, many firm employees experience frustration when searching for information they need with no success. New Signature’s Unstructured Data Innovation solution has been able to provide indexing services that work alongside existing firm database technologies to organize unstructured data using progressive machine learning technologies, which integrates user feedback, creating a more accurate model over time. An investment of $500K for this solution enabled the firm to eliminate $36M in additional legal support costs on an annual basis for brief research, preparation and creation.

Managed Services

The best way for this firm to optimize and leverage their cloud-based environments, ensure proper patching and security and stay on top of new features and updates, was to partner with New Signature long-term through our comprehensive Global Managed Services. We act as the firm’s help desk, support team, monitoring experts and more 24 hours a day across the entire globe.

The firm hired New Signature to be their managed services provider, engaging initially through our System Health offering. Through this service, we provide the firm with peace of mind in the form of complete health and performance monitoring, patching services, user support, and reporting for their hybrid IT environment. The firm utilizes our 24/7/365 North American call center service to ensure that their business technologies are running safely and smoothly. This allows the firm to keep a solid focus on their business growth, important cases, and the needs of their clients.


New Signature are experts in leveraging Microsoft technologies to solve the challenges of law firms as they face the pressure to adapt and evolve into modern businesses. For this firm in particular, we were able to transformation their organization through the application of technologies across the entire Microsoft stack. By layering those technology applications with New Signature services and expertise, we were able to address all the essential areas of IT that impact business success.

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