Global Insurance Company Case Study

Bringing End-to-End Transformation to Professional Services

One global insurance giant had committed to new Microsoft technologies that had revolutionized their workers and had brought them a sharp competitive advantage as they continued to leverage mergers and acquisitions for business growth. Through buying, building and partnering with other organizations, they were able to scale their service offerings as an insurance giant, serving more customers and growing their reach. However, they found themselves at a place of disruption


When New Signature was brought on board, the email environments ranged from Exchange 2007 all the way to existing O365 tenants and included various other third-party email hosting solutions. Profit centers vary in size, from only a few mailboxes to over a thousand.  This made for a disparate and disconnected enterprise. New users and existing users of the same company were functioning with email addresses with different domain names. Disorganized directories made finding the right person to communicate with similar to finding a needle in a haystack.


“Working with New Signature had zero delineation. It would be difficult for an outsider to distinguish between our in-house experts and the New Signature team. They were committed and created a unified front with our teams.”


New Signature strategized with the insurance company through a multi-step solution for about a year to meet their initial set of deadlines and create a solution for all their requirements using an identity-first approach. During the proof of concept and pilot phases, New Signature created repeatable processes that allowed various sites to migrate in parallel thus saving time and reducing costs. The strategy was based on New Signature’s Plan-Build-Operate methodology and was created to achieve consistent progress in a short amount of time. The steps included:

  • Providing each site with a pre-questionnaire to help determine their unique needs
  • Establishing the migration timeline
  • Administering project-related communications to the sites, including kickoff announcements
  • Gaining domain and email administrative access to each site
  • Performing pre-seeding of the mailbox data, as well as public folder data
  • Performing asite discovery for each location
  • Discovery review briefing with stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Cut-over performed, which included mailbox migration and testing for each individual PC
  • Day 1 admin and end-user support

New Signature hustled through 7 migrations per week, filtering them through Exchange Online Protection, with minimal interruption of work or service while the Advanced Services team was employed to provide back and front-end support. They also performed a pre-flight check of all operations prior to the migration and completed pre-assessments of the network bandwidth and Active Directory. This work was done to ensure that Exchange was poised for migration.

Top Ten Reasons to Employ Managed Services:

1.    Improve security.
2.    Proactive approach to IT problems.
3.    Better uptime.
4.    Gain access to newer technologies.
5.    Cost savings over in-house IT.
6.    Peace of mind.
7.    Free internal staff for strategic work.
8.    Tap into cloud solutions.
9.    Lack of internal IT.
10.    Handle remote office IT. 


Through New Signature’s partnership, this global insurance company began functioning under a single Office 365 tenant and can now collaborate and communicate as a unified company with ease. Once functioning within the Cloud, new challenges can arise; with thousands of employees around the globe, it’s difficult for in-house IT teams to focus on technological strategy while also providing troubleshooting and maintenance services to users.

Finally, New Signature’s Managed Global Services, driven by our Follow-the-Sun model and use of the ServiceNow™ ticketing system, provided support, pushing requests more easily and quickly through a revolving door, getting users back on their feet after a technological issue. Our Follow-the-Sun model provides live, maximized local help desk support to your users. With call centers in various time zones, we stagger support to provide local daylight peak-time support, and shift support outside the local region during off-peak hours. This delivers optimal support for employees and resolves issues faster. For this particular insurance client, New Signature is able to close out and resolve over 2,000 support tickets per month and provide seamless support for users, so their core IT team can focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

If you are the leader of a professional services organization and
struggle with disparate communication, stagnant productivity, and disruption in collaboration tools, consider pushing toward a cloud-based toolkit like Microsoft Office 365 and bringing New Signature on board to manage your IT over time.

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