Gannett Fleming Case Study

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group and Gannett Fleming Partner Up to Optimize Teams Across Their Global Organization

About Gannett Fleming
For more than 100 years, Gannett Fleming has been a leader in global infrastructure solutions with a focus on planning, design, technology, and construction management services for a diverse array of markets and disciplines. Across more than 60 offices, 2,500+ highly qualified professionals are united in an unyielding commitment to deliver excellence to every client and every project, every day.

Teams Adoption Globally at Gannett Fleming
After deploying Teams as the center of their collaboration strategy for their organization, Gannett Fleming needed to ensure strong adoption rates. Without employees understanding the tremendous value of Teams and diving into their functionalities as their go-to tool for chat, calls, file-sharing, and teamwork, it’s difficult to realize the return on the investment.

The executive team was eager to help users adopt and embrace the power of Teams for collaboration and communication while demonstrating how they can extract the greatest value from the solution for them personally and Gannett Fleming. As a result, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (Cognizant MBG) account team was engaged to achieve their objectives.

 The Solution

The Gannett Fleming team collaborated with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group on a two-pronged approach to achieve stronger Teams adoption rates and help employees achieve the workplace communication and collaboration goals the executive team was looking for on a global scale:

  • First, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group partnered with Gannett Fleming to create focus groups, identifying key personas and top pain points while also uncovering how Teams aligned with the organization’s business goals, objectives, and overall strategies. With this thorough understanding of Gannett Fleming, we were able to create a tailored approach and deliver a recommendation report for a highly effective change management and adoption strategy.
  • After mapping out the strategy, the combined teams of Gannett Fleming and Cognizant MBG implemented the change management and adoption program, which included developing and training a champions group and regional technical employees within the organization to advocate, encourage and support the adoption strategies. The combined team focused heavily on the “What’s in it For Me?” (WIIFM) factor for each persona, determining how to customize an adoption approach based on the needs of each persona and how Teams would help them improve upon their individual business and organizational needs.

How Did We Do It?

This partnership and strategy engaged and educated users through various mediums including:

  • Pilot sessions across diverse teams and groups
  • Custom communications campaigns
  • Remote and on-site training
  • Just-in-time videos
  • SharePoint knowledge libraries

Why Cognizant Microsoft Business Group?

Cognizant MBG has the training expertise for the Microsoft ecosystem and unique persona-approach to help companies unlock the most effective methods to create deeper retention and stronger adoption across the organization.

Benefits of Stronger Teams Adoption

Because Gannett Fleming was able to achieve higher Teams adoption rates, they are now able to enjoy the benefits of Teams collaboration globally:

  • Quicker, easier communication
  • High quality conferencing
  • Secure and easily accessible file sharing
  • Increased global collaboration
  • Stronger return on investment
  • Heightened productivity
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Single trusted source for communications and projects
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