Winter Park Construction Becomes a Connected Enterprise with New Signature’s IoT Expertise

January 5, 2018 Cara Stafford

Winter Park Construction is a Florida-based construction company with a focus on renovating and constructing commercial buildings, multi-family units, student housing builds, hospitality and government buildings. They began a journey to build a connected enterprise and streamline their operations in the most progressive and efficient way possible.  

Previously, Winter Park had no way of tracking who was on a job site, the presence of safety gear or high-value equipment, except to do it manually. Winter Park’s old tracking system included a checklist and badges that identified the subcontractors, but no automatic collection of data. All this affects billable hours and project management governance to estimate timelines.

New Signature met Winter Park’s needs by building a prototype RFID reader and connecting data streams to the Azure IoT Suite.  Once data was streaming to the cloud, New Signature built an architecture of supporting Azure IoT services to stream, analyze, store, and visualize the data. This system also sends real-time text and email alerts to the work-site operators. The information received from the alerts will identify if anyone is unauthorized to be on-site and ensure that those on-site are meeting safety regulations by tracking their personal protective equipment. 

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For Winter Park, device connectivity is only the beginning when realizing value from the IoT solution. As real-time data continues to gather from current work sites (RFID tags), it can then be compared to Winter Park’s project plans and timeline when developing upcoming construction jobs.   

New Signature approaches all IoT and Advanced Analytics opportunities with a data science lens while also looking toward the future of a business to create the connected enterprise. If you’re interested in learning more about how an IoT solution can help to drive change within your business operations, connect with a New Signature expert 

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